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‘Corona’ vaccine prepared, the first vaccine tested on this woman


Washington: The first vaccine of the worldwide coronavirus has been successfully tested. This test has been done by American researchers. The corona vaccine test has been performed for the first time on a woman in Seattle, US. This vaccine has been produced in the world in record time. After the diagnosis of this disease in China, scientists of KPW Research Institute were busy with developing this vaccine.

Now vaccines are being developed in many countries around the world including India. Before the test, the doctor of this institute, Lisa Jackson, said that now we have Team Coronavirus. In this emergency, every man wants to do something that he can do. Its clinical trial has started. He said that the US is also making rapid strides to develop anti-viral and other therapies against this infection. The coronavirus has killed 7000 people worldwide so far. The disease has spread in 145 countries around the world. But scientists have not been able to develop its vaccine so far.

A news agency has reported that the first vaccine for Kovid-19 was tested on a woman named Jennifer Hayler. The 43-year-old woman said that we were all feeling helpless. We had no money to do something like this. She said that I feel great now. Apart from this woman, three other people will also be vaccinated.


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